So tonight is the night!!! I’m so excited!! The final installment and 13th book is coming out at midnight. I know a lot of you that have followed the series have some kind of negative comment about the books and how they think that the story line has gone down hill, but not me!!! I’m happy for each and every book that Ms. Harris has made about Sookie Stackhouse. While you are correct, some of the stories weren’t as captivating as others, but as a whole I think that the storyline was very creative and had me reading from start to finish in the matter of a day. And while I’m sad to see the characters come to a conclusion, I’m glad Ms. Harris has decided to end them at 13. While other authors, whom I shall not mention, continue with their story well into the 25+ books and capitalizing on the market, she has decided not to continue to beat a dead horse.

For those of you that don’t know these books were the starting point for the series True Blood. While HBO and Allen Ball (director) decided to go a different direction from the books in season 2. A lot of the same ideas were keep in place. I know that the show and the books are complete different from each other, each are equally done fantastically. Each character had a place and a purpose in this paranormal world. With each adventure making all the characters lovable, whether they be a blood thirsty vamp, or a norm.

I for one am happily waiting for midnight to come, to see just where the author has decided to to lead them. Happy reading Truebies!!!!



So…I don’t quite know who came up with the idea about selling Author’s stories 1 or 2 chapters at a time, but from a business’s well Brilliant!

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that are going to disagree with me completely, but if you place yourself from the mind set of either the person selling the book, marketing the book and publishing the book, there are a lot of up sides to this. One, you have a instant following of people who want to read a book that is a $1.99 and/or free for the first book. Two, when said follower is hooked on the characters they end up following along with the story for however long you continue with the series. Three, while other stories where all of the stories are together and they will sell for $4-$9 per book. The author will split up the book into 8-15 chapter books. At $1.99 per book this will easily equate to $15.92- $29.85 per story line. In that respect it is a BRILLIANT plan. I’ll admit there are authors that have reeled me in on this as well.

On the flip side of this, While some stories had been good to begin with, they since have been so convoluted that the story altogether has driven off readers do to incomplete thought processes and dragging out the problems, proverbially beating a dead horse while the resolution of the problem to begin with could have easily been solved. OR as a writer no, no…completely forgetting some of the conflict points that you had at the start of the book and never addressing them. That one has particularly perturbed me on an on going basis, but as my OCD kicks in I tend to trudge forward in hopes that the author goes, “oh, yeah I have to address this problem.” With no clean tie in on how the character learns to deal with this conflict or how to make this not a conflict at all.

While I don’t know many authors that are doing this chapter teasing and I still believe it’s a great idea. Of course, some authors definitely have done it better than others with an exit strategy. Some unfortunately are killing their new budding careers by delaying the inevitable.


Dear Lord, I should have Sucker written in permeant ink on my forehead. Just for those that don’t already know this about me.

So the Sat before Easter, number two AKA the Girl, got me Good. I should have saw it coming but I let it happen anyways. I can’t say where we were coming from, but I can say where I was going to. I was headed to Sam’s club, and before we get off track this occurrence did not happen at Sam’s club, but near it.

So the Girl and I are driving along and we are driving past Petsmart, when she see’s the sign….PET ADOPTIONS. My daughter proceeds to point out that we should stop in and see the doggy’s.

Me: “Um, honey…I don’t think it’s a good idea to stop in today since we are on a tight schedule.”

The Girl: “Mom, just give me five mins, to go look…..pleaseeeeeeeee”…. *eye bat, eye bat*

Me: Grr… “Fine FIVE mins only.”

This was my thought, I was like how much trouble can we get into in 5 mins? In out and I get a point up from Dad who’s no where around here. SCORE!!!

We go over to the pet adoption area and look at all the dogs, and we don’t see a dog that we want. Until I turn around and there she was, a Morkie. All blonde, big eyed, petite and cute nose. I ask to see her and they say sure. I pick her up and place her back on the floor, only to turn over to get her stomach rubbed. Yeah, needless to say we got a dog for Easter. I’m officially a Sucker.

Note to dog number 2:
Let me tell you as cute as you are, it is hardly as cute when I’m carrying you around all week like a fourth kid. Halving all of your stuff around, listening to you complain and beg me to pay attention to you. All while the other dog looks at you like you are Lucifer on four legs come to torment him. While he looks longingly at me like, “Why does she get to get on the couch! Why does she get to sit in your lap, why does she get to sleep in your room! This is BS!”

Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?

So I realize that I’ve been on a Month long hiatus, but to be honest I was just plain busy! Between the painful hip flexor injury, to the kids being on Spring break, the kitchen being updated and the new dog…I have simply just been swamped. But I did get some reading in, but I will write about that in a later blog for this week.

First off……So remember the last blog I wrote about joining soccer for the 30+ age group that my hubby and I decided was a great idea? Yeah, I hurt myself and so did the Hubs. I was so excited that first day too! I was all ready to go and what happens the first 2 seconds I’m on the field? I try to go for the ball and happen to slide across the field on my hip.  With the ref behind me telling me to stay on my feet because sliding for the ball is not allowed. For one sir, I don’t think I could duplicate that even if I tried, but two, Do you think that I happen to like to slide on my hip/ass across the field just for the heck of it? Eh, that would be a no.

Within the next few mins, I swear that I was having an asthma attack due to the whole sprinting back and forth on the field. You know, I thought going to the gym and working out would have corrected this at least a little…NOPE! I was dying and had to take numerous breaks, because apparently I’m too old! lol. Did I mention that I also pulled an unknown muscle in my leg? Well, I did…… Not only did I get home an not move the remainder of the night. I woke up like a Mack truck hit me the next morning, unable to move everything lower than my rib cage for the next week. And forget trying to go upstairs to go to sleep, I just slept down stairs on the couch because it hurt so much.

The following week, I was a little sore and was just going to take it easy. I get on the field and what happens the first second I’m out there? I kick the ball and pull like a hip flexor. I can’t kick or do the running movement on my left side. Thinking to myself uh oh, I better be careful  I walk out to the field and try to kick the ball, only to feel such a excruciating pain in my leg that I start to see stars and almost pass out. Yeah, I sat on the side lines the rest of the game.

After that game we had about 3 weeks off because of Easter and we go back to the field next Sunday. Let me tell you I am hoping that I don’t make a fool of myself again, by only making it to the side lines because THAT truly sucks. I feel like a 80 year old lady in need of an oxygen machine and a permanent band aide filled with Tiger balm. Here’s to this weeks game and few more prayers to me not falling apart on the field.

Dancing fools and their Mama’s too.

So my Fridays nights are pretty much a done deal with Number 3’s dance classes. And no he’s not talking ballet… He’s taking Hip Hop. Which is great for him, because he likes people watching him and dancing. (Attention Whore at its best! Lol)

Now what I dread is that when I get to the dance studio it instantly becomes Mommy social hour. If you are unaware at what happens at mommy social hour. It apparently is where all mommies’ living vicariously though their 2-10 daughters by entering them into ballet, tap and jazz. I should know I was a product of this process and I too tried my daughter at this. (Failing miserably… Number 2 is a Tom boy and hates following directions. Something about her defiant nature comes to rear its ugly head.)

Mommy hour at this particular establishment is where all the mommy’s talk, while their other kids usually boys or babies under 2 scream, misbehave, cry at the top of their lungs while laying on the floor. Without a backwards glance at their children until the older child is either done with class or kid B hurts themselves. At this point why have the other kid with you? Why not get a babysitter? Your husband? Anybody to watch your kid while you are here! Or better yet, why not act like a parent and pay attention to your damn child. They are only little once, play with them. Entertain them, do something other than talk to your friend about you workout routine, or what you are doing later tonight. Because guess what??? Your friend Susie probably can’t stand you and isn’t going to be your friend in a yr or 2. But guess what you’ll be stuck with kid 1 & 2 forever, or the next 18ish years or so… Depending on how much you keep ignoring them. There are only 2 outcomes from this, either you are going to have a failure to launch and your kid will be the 30 year old still at home complaining about the years of therapy caused by you or they are going to bounce at age 18 and never look back. Your choice completely.

Filling the void

So as football season has ended I’ve found myself more and more, wondering what the heck to do on Sun. (Well besides church.)

I don’t know about you, but during the winter months with school and soccer season for the kids are in full effect. I normally take down our direct tv programming to the bare minimum. Well I figure no one is home, but the dog and really, he doesn’t need over 400 channels snoozing on my floor. Then usually around Feb or March, I then upgrade it to the Premier package simply because a lot of my shows are starting and I simply cannot miss Game of Thrones and True Blood. Lol, no really the kids have a lot more vaycay time and it allows them to watch all of the cartoon channels.

Well with that said, since football season is over, it has now turned into soccer semi-finals season, soon to be World Cup season. I really don’t mind my Sundays being filled with football but I really enjoy my soccer Sundays instead. Because well, the guys are cuter. Lol. Maybe I’m silly but I’m kind of glad I can fill my year full of football (Euro or American) almost 365 days a year.

Well here’s to Soccer season, until its football pre-season… Then I have to get my fantasy football team into gear.

Regaining my youth

So I spent the last weekend with number 2, my daughter, watching her play 5 games this weekend. When I got the brilliant idea that it would be fun to get back to playing soccer myself, not because I thought I was trying to keep up with my daughter. But to quite simply get back into shape. Well it was a great idea in theory. To be honest I think I am genuinely scared. I haven’t played soccer for a team in like 20 years! Saying I’m scared might be an understatement, I think using the word petrified might sum up my angst at this point.

So Last Monday, I put myself in gear. I started dieting again and started doing the P90X, Plyometrics (Don’t laugh, I always say it wrong and possibly spelling it wrong too). OMG, let me tell you…..That video is pretty easy, I did about 15 mins before I had to get going, until you get up the next morning and can’t move anything lower than your waist. No, BS…I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t walk, F trying to pick up something that you dropped, that suckers gone. It’s Thursday and I basically just thought I was up t doing it again today. Now, I’m just scared for tomorrow.

So 4 days into it and I’m down about 3 lbs. I’ll keep you guys up to date about how my progress is doing. lol….No pain, no gain right.